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Hi Solar is proudly offering

12 years workmanship warranty 

as we are confident in our outstanding works.

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Buying the cheapest – because it is the cheapest.

If a solar system seems too cheap to be true, then it is probably is!

Here are 4 ways they get the price so low:

a) The solar company is buying absolute junk panels and inverters on the spot market from overseas

b) The solar company is paying the subcontracted solar installer half the going rate. i.e. $500 instead of $1000 for a 1.5kW solar system install. The solar installer has no choice but to cut corners to do it so cheaply! Remember: Installing 6.6KW solar system is a 2 person job that takes at least one whole day per system and requires lots of training, equipment, consumables and insurances.

c) The solar company has no intention of putting money aside for ongoing customer service or warranty issues. They are focusing short term low profit and close the company after 1 or 2 years. It has no intention of honouring warranties a few years down the line (they may have a complex company structure so they can do this totally legally!).

d) The company does not pay GST to ATO(Australia Tax Office) and finally sued by ATO resulting the company's bankrupt with no after-sales services carrying on for the customer. 

At Hi Solar, we are at the position of middle range price and aiming to earn reasonable profit to keep the company running for a long term with an outstanding service to customers. 

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